Contact person

Mr Manuel Blaeser
Head of Technology / Rolls

Roll - Maintenance - Service
Economical - constructively improved - sustainable

Most rolls can be technically/economically repaired.

And this is how it works:

  1. Once the roller has been sent to us, it will be inspected and measured. This only generate small costs for you.
  2. If a technical/economic maintenance is possible, a detailed inspection of the roll is carried out (balancing check/journal check)
  3. Preparation of a cost estimate with the necessary service work including design optimisation options
  4. You can now choose the type of maintenance you want.
    We are pleased to support you and give advises if needed.
  5. After your approval, the roll service is carried out and the roll is ready for use again.
    Of course, we can also plan and carry out the transport for you. 
  6. Finally, you will receive a service report.